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Is Tree Removal The Only Option?

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If you have a large tree in your yard, you may wonder if you’re going to have to remove it. There are times that a tree may need to be removed due to the size, the roots or other issues. Here are a few reasons that a tree may need to be removed.


If a tree has grown to the point that the roots are breaking up the driveway, the sidewalk, or into the foundation of a home, it’s likely time to consider removing the tree.  If you have branches that are hanging over your house, garage, the neighbor’s yard or house, you may also wish to consider removing the tree. You can do this in a number of ways. You can attempt to do it yourself, and you may have some success, or you may wind up with a tree on your house, the garage, your car, the neighbor’s house or car, or worse, on someone nearby.


Tom, a family friend who owns a tree removal company often says “If you have a smaller tree and aren’t sure if you should keep it or have it removed, you’ll want to consider how large it’s going to become and whether or not you should remove it” and he’s got over 15 years in the industry. Basically, if it has the potential to grow large and into the above situations, you’ll want to consider having it removed.


If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it can be very dangerous to remove the tree yourself (check out the video below). Trees that are being removed can be very unpredictable, especially to someone who doesn’t do this for a living. Always hire a professional to remove your tree if you’re going to remove the tree in its entirety. This can save you a lot of time, money, and it may just help to keep you in good with the neighbors.


Once the tree is removed, you’re going to have to deal with the stump and perhaps the roots of they’ve grown to the point that they’re above ground. To do this, you can call a tree stump grinding service. They will come out and grind the stump up for you. This is going to leave a large hole in your ground however, that can readily be filled in and you can then plant grass over it or design it into a nice flower bed.


You can then plant other plants that won’t grow so large or have such a large root system in the area to improve the curb appeal of your home. Older homes often have tree issues. This is due to the length of time that some of the trees have been growing in the area. When the houses were first built the owners may not have realized the potential damage that a tree could cause to the foundation of the home. Today, trees are designed to be smaller for urban areas. Choosing the right type of tree can prevent this issue from happening and it can save a lot of headaches for homeowners who have trees in their yards and near their garages.…

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Importance of Tree Removal in Alexandria VA?

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(Cue the “Psycho” music…) It’s out there. You KNOW it is out there. You try to ignore it. It refuses to go away. “Why? Why won’t you just go away?” you ask yourself. What are you going to do? You know that you have to face it, at some point. You don’t want to, but you HAVE to. You slowly open your door, as the sun blazes in your eyes, nearly blinding you. You peek out to look… slowly…. Gah! There it is! It is such an eyesore. It’s the most grotesque thing you have ever seen in your life! You turn your head away in disgust and slam your door. You lean against your door and sigh heavily. You just do not want to go outside. “Now what?” you think to yourself. “I don’t want to be THAT neighbor!” You just cannot bear to think it any longer; you have… a hole in your driveway.


Yes folks, if you are a homeowner, we have ALL been here. Cracked driveways and unwanted trees that must be removed from wear and tear, broken up driveways from tree roots, and even holes from the harsh winter. All of these things are just a part of the fun of being in the “homeowner club.” Aren’t you excited? I can tell that you are. Yes, I was too, the first time I had to have my driveway and trees fixed. 4 quotes and 2 seasons later, it is finally fixed. But it wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t fast. For me, it was about money. It might not be the case for some, but I wanted to make sure I had the money ON-HAND to pay in cash when they came out to fix the issue, rather than survive with it on ‘credit.’


A friend of mine Dan who’s company does a lot of bulky tree maintenance in the area said: “The first thing I went out and did was I took some photographs of the tree.I wanted them for not only personal records – to have a before and after picture, but I wanted to have something I could send to my Insurance company. When I called them, they told me that this sort of thing would not be able to be claimed on “my” insurance policy.” Do not go by what MINE says, I would make a solid effort to check with yours, as it may be covered, depending on the insurance you have for your home. After I got the no-go from the insurance company, I knew I had to ‘eat this’ on my own. Sucking it up, I started to make some calls for quotes. Once I narrowed it down to the company that seemed to give me the best deal, I told them that I would be saving for the next few months and when they could expect my call. When that time came, they came out, performed the work, I handed them the money and off they rode into the sunset. And I had a beautiful repaired driveway.


Here are a couple of takeaways you can do for your own project :


#1 As mentioned, get good photographs of the before and after work. They are great if you need to send them to a professional or insurance company. They are even better when you want to spread the word of mouth craftsmanship of the company you choose with your friends and family.


#2 Make sure when you start looking for someone to come out to do the work that you are only calling LICENSED and BONDED professionals. Some small town person trying to make a dollar may not have the capitol if something goes wrong on your property! Not only that, but just because this guy is “cheap” it might not be the best quality, either.


#3 Get references on recommended companies. Don’t believe the yellow pages. Those ads are THEIR words. Taking the company on their word isn’t as valuable as getting the value for the money from their previous customers. Do your homework.


#4 Be willing to walk away. Just because they say they will offer you 10% off if you allow them to post a sign in your yard, they might not be the best quote. Be open, be fair, but most importantly, be willing to protect YOUR investment.


Being faced with having to do repairs to your home or property is never fun, but it shouldn’t be a scary process. As long as you stick to your gut feelings and do your research, finding a suitable option to fix the issue should be a breeze.…

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Tips For Tree Removal Near Tall Structures

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Tree removal in the best conditions possible can be a very dangerous endeavor. If you’re trying to remove a tree that is close to a tall structure, then you have a completely different set of potential hazards that you’re going to need to be on the watch for. Below, you can find just a few quick tips on successful tree removal near tall structures.

Check For Clearance

The very first thing that you should do prior to removing any tree is to check and make certain that you have adequate clearance from nearby buildings, power lines, and other hazards.

Make certain that regardless of which direction the tree falls that it will not fall into any buildings or other potential hazards. If the tree isn’t big enough to fall on any other structures and cause damages, then you can often remove it by simply sawing it as close to the ground as possible and then cleaning up the debris.

If the tree is small enough to be safely cut down without risking damage to anything else in the area, then you can decide on a day that will be best for tree removal.

Picking The Best Day For Tree Removal

Once safety of nearby structures and people has been established, the next step you need to take to successfully remove a tree near a tall structure is to check your local weather forecast.

You’re going to want to pick a day that is free of wind so that you can make certain you are able to determine which way the tree is going to fall.

When you’re about to remove a tree, remember that wind speeds are much higher the further from the ground you get. Often, feeling a light breeze on the ground means that wind speeds may be as high as 15 to 20 miles an hour at the top of the tree.

Small gusts of wind can result in the tree falling in a direction that you may have not intended and could result in potential harm if anyone is standing in its way.

Guiding The Fall Of Trees

If there are any potential hazards in the way of where tree may fall, then you’re going to want to guide the direction of the tree once it is cut down. “This can be done by attaching a cable or strap approximately two thirds of the way up the tree.” says Alan Barnes, an arborist who runs a tree service Indianapolis company that’s been serving it’s customers for over 15 years.

Once attached, you can then apply tension to the tree using a winch that is attached to a truck or a stationary winch that is designed for tree removal.

Just remember that the most important thing when removing trees is that you can determine exactly where the tree is going to fall prior to cutting it.

Remove Large Trees In Sections

If you have large trees that are close to tall structures, you’re going to want to bring them down in sections rather than trying to saw down the entire tree at once. Start at the top of the tree and remove branches so that they do not get in your way while you’re trying to work.

Once branches are removed, begin cutting the trunk in 10 to 12-foot sections and work your way down the tree. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do this, then you should consider consulting with a professional or a company prior to attempting this on your own.

Cutting down large trees that are close to tall structures can be very dangerous. In the worst-case scenario, people’s lives could be endangered or extensive damage could occur to your building and property if you do not cut sections from the tree properly.

On the flip side, many small trees can be successfully removed by individual so long as their roots are not under landscaping, sidewalks, or worst of all, the foundation of your building.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the information above, tree removal can often be a very complicated and dangerous process. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your ability to successfully remove a tree that is standing close to a tall structure, you should take the time to consult with a professional tree removal service in your local area.

The risk of damage to life and property that can be caused by trees falling in the wrong direction is far too great to take any chances when it comes to tree removal.…

Things to Consider When You’re Planning to Travel

Things to Consider When You’re Planning to Travel

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Traveling is amazing. When you think you cannot take a minute longer of your daily life at home, take a trip. There is pretty much no place on Earth that will fail to wow you. Short on money? You don’t have to go to a lavish Europe tour! Catch the next flight to Indonesia or Turkey. It’s all great.

To help you with your little venture, here are some helpful tips:

Buy Travel Insurance

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Yes, we start with the boring albeit important thing. A slight mishap or emergency can turn a fun trip into an absolute nightmare. So make this your first priority and roam anywhere in the world without a care!

Keep an emergency Stash of Cash Money

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You can never be too sure of how much money you’ll need when traveling; it is always a smart move to have some extra money for emergencies. Do not give in to your instincts and blow that money on a cute skirt in a flea market; keep it till the very end. In fact, if no emergency arises, do not use this money till you reach home safely.

Do not Panic

Traveling is a lot of fun, but sometimes accidents happen. Since you’re in a foreign country and you aren’t aware of the culture, traditions or possibly even the language, a simple mistake like being momentarily separated from your travel group or not waking up on time for breakfast could put you in a total frenzy. In such situations, do not panic. Always carry your passport. Other than that, keep a translation book at all times with common words and phrases in the language of the locals. Also keep the information of your embassy and travel group close by.

Talk to the Locals

Sightseeing is absolutely wonderful, yes; but the true essence of traveling is acquainting with the locals. Ask them about their culture and custom and show that you are taking a keen interest in them. Befriend one or two people amongst the locals; having nice friends in foreign locations can really work to your advantage at times.

Learn a bit of the Local Language

We’re not asking you to master the language or even be fluent in it, just learn the common words and phrases. This will help you in emergencies, in befriending the locals and you’ll get a good taste of the culture of the locals.

Capture Each Moment of the Day

Try to see with your eyes and the eyes of the camera each and every moment of the day. Most of the time, it is better to wake up really early in the morning since views of the morning are truly beautiful. If possible, roam the streets really early; before most people are awake. Take your camera for a stroll and capture the beauty of the dawn and the dusk. Also, try to stay up really late sometimes and capture the essence of the night in the country you’re visiting.